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To kick things off for the new year I spoke with Senel from Bride and Belle Weddings 

If you're considering booking a wedding planner or don't really understand their role grab a cuppa and have a read. 

What is the role of a wedding planner? The role of a wedding planner is to bring your vision to life by assisting you in organising all aspects of your wedding. We live in an increasingly busy world and couples rarely have time to dedicate to planning such a huge event! I support my clients by handling the logistical elements and administration that comes with planning a wedding (often referred to as wedmin!). As an experienced wedding planner, I am able to alleviate many of the pressures that couples can feel when planning a wedding such as finding the right venue, sourcing suppliers, booking accommodation and transport.  


Why would I hire one? Most of the clients that I work with hire me because they lead busy lives and just do not have time to dedicate to planning such an important event. Time is not the only factor; I am often contacted by brides to be who know exactly what kind of wedding they would like but just don’t know how to arrange it and sometimes feel very overwhelmed with everything they need to do. 

How would I find you? If you’re looking online, you can best find me over on Instagram or take a look at my website for more information. If you happen to live in Suffolk, you can usually find me squirrelled away in a coffee shop busily firing out emails to wedding suppliers! 

I have so many ideas can you help me narrow them down?
 Yes absolutely! We can start with a really in depth conversation about your wedding where you tell me absolutely everything. I will do my absolute best to make sure you have everything you want. 

Wedding Planning consultation

My mum wants to be very involved she doesn’t think I need an ‘outsiders’ help. What do you think? You mum can absolutely be involved! In fact, a lot of my clients are actually the mother of the bride who have contacted me for help once they have realised that organising a wedding is  a little bit more work than originally anticipated.


The venue provides a wedding planner as part of the package do I need an additional one? I work very closely with lots of super talented in house wedding planners and know first hand that the roles we carry out are very different. Usually, an in house wedding planner – or wedding coordinator, is only concerned with the day of your wedding and the logistics relating to the service at the venue. They are not involved with any other aspects of your wedding. While they may be able to point you in the direction of suppliers, that is where their involvement will stop. It is also often the case that the in house wedding planner that you have spent months discussing your plans with isn’t the same person that is there on the day of your wedding. My role is to be there for the entirety of your wedding planning from day one until the first dance (and often much later!). 

I love planning but have such a busy job I just can’t see how I can get it all done, how involved will I be still? As much as you would like to be! We will have regular face to face planning meetings and no decisions will ever be made without you. It is your wedding! By hiring a wedding planner, you are choosing to have someone to support you and alleviate the stress – not someone to take over and make decisions on your behalf. Put simply, my job is to do what you tell me to do. 

Place setting for a wedding

What does a planner cost?
 The cost of a planner varies depending on what stage of your wedding planning you are at, but as a general rule you can expect to pay around 12% of your overall wedding budget. 

What are your favourite trends for 2020 weddings? It’s not really a trend but more of a feeling… individuality! 

What trends do you hope will stick around from previous weddings you’ve worked on? I have really loved seeing some super beautiful stationery over the last year or so. Wax seals, velum bands and beautiful calligraphy. There are some amazingly talented wedding stationers around and I hope they continue to be popular. 

Do you have any top tips for brides starting the planning process? Make a list of everything that is important to you and your partner about your wedding and keep referring back to it throughout your planning. Sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in a tide of wedding madness; having a list of important things to refer back to will keep you on the right track.

Have a cuppa with Senel from Bride and Belle Weddings

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