In the first of my Meet The Maker series I'm chatting with the lovely Sally of From Sally With Love about finding inspiration from packaging and her hopes for 2020.

  • What’s the reason behind the name of your brand? 

I spent a long time trying to think of a name for my business. I wanted something that implied writing a letter because, in a way,  invitations are like a letter to from a couple to their friends and family. I also wanted something that wasn't too weddingy and wasn't too serious either. One day after day asking a lot of my friends it just hit me, and From Sally with Love was born.


Botanical green wedding Invitation

  • Why did you start your stationery business? 

Well! I was made redundant when I was 3 months pregnant with my son and had to try to find another job, which, as you can imagine, wasn’t viewed well by potential employees! After having some time off after my son was born I decided that I wanted a job that I didn’t have to worry about child care with, that was flexible and creative. I live in a small town and to find that job I didn’t need to commute far to and filled all of the criteria wasn’t easy. I really enjoyed creating the stationery at my own wedding so after a bit of persuasion I took the plunge. I haven’t looked back since. 

  • What’s your favourite piece to make? 

I mostly enjoy creating hide and seek wedding stationery (#hideandseekinvite), or stationery that proudly shows the things that make the couple in question tick. When I do this I know that I’m creating something that is very, very personal to the couple and not like anything else out there. I think that’s brilliant to be a part of! 

  • Where do you go for inspiration? 

It sounds weird but I have always found tea packaging really inspiring! I also find flowers and modern wedding cakes really inspiring. I follow a lot of cakes designers on Instagram. 

  • Are there any new products you’ll be launching soon? 

I’m going to be expanding my budget stationery collection to include seasonal suites. 

  • What are your hopes for 2020? In business and in life? 

Last year I started to paint stationery in watercolours and it’s been really successful so I really want to expand my knowledge of this and try and increase watercolour orders. I'll also be making a range of budget friendly stationery that can be added to, so it's semi bespoke. 


Obviously there's the usual: drink less coffee, do more exercise and have more family time!  


Sally's bright wedding invitation suite will be available soon on Poppy in Pearls!

NEW Bright floral wedding invite



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