PiP chats British wedding flowers with Young Blooms

Good morning PiPtribe, are you enjoying this beautiful summer weather?

British flowers week design by the flower appreciation society

 Design by The Flower Appreciation Society for 2016 British Flowers Week. Image by Justin Winslow  

Have you noticed any fabulous floral displays this week?I love the natural feel of the image above.

In honour of British Flowers Week I spoke to Bradford on Avon florist Grace of Young Blooms about the pros and cons of choosing British grown flowers for your wedding day. 

Why would you encourage couples to choose British flowers in their wedding styling?

It gives them a more unique style, as flowers will generally have been grown specifically for them. It supports the local element of the day if that's something they are passionate about. They can also come and visit the garden through the year to see things growing!      

and what about drawbacks of selecting British grown flowers?

British weather can be a disavantage, there needs to be flexibilty, however I feel that as florists we need to inspire and help brides to think outside the norms of pinterest!

As British flowers are becoming more popular what would you recommend couples look for when choosing a florist who works with British grown flowers?          

Build a relationship with your florist, go and see where they grow flowers or find out who the growers are that they use. I think you have to feel comfortable that the florist gets your style and that you LOVE what they do.       

Floral Arch by Young Blooms for #Britishflowersweek

Floral arch above the Young Blooms shop to celebrate #Britishflowersweek

Grace, what would be your current favourite British flower combination?

I love the spontaneity of British flowers, we recently did a wedding using all locally grown flowers. I only specified colours to our ladies in the garden and to the other grower that we used. The result was fabulous and the bride loved it, however she 'got' our style :)

How and where can we find Young Blooms?   

Online at Young Blooms and we have a growing garden and florist shop at Hartley Farm in Bradford on Avon. DO come and visit the 'not so secret garden' if you're passing by, it's looking fab. We also have workshops going on in the summer months.     

Thanks for chatting Grace. Expect to hear more from Young Blooms as part of my 'local loves' series, here on the blog coming soon.

British bouquet by Bradford on Avon wedding florist Young Blooms

Brights by Young Blooms 

Have a wonderful few days folks and I hope you get a chance to enjoy this weather.  

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