Who is Poppy in Pearls?

Hello and welcome. I guess the first thing to clarify is that my name is not Poppy but in fact Sarah. Poppy is the bride I think of when I'm sourcing stock for my new website Poppy in Pearls. Poppy works hard and plays hard. She's got a fabulous group of friends who mostly listen to her incessant wedding chat and she's very excited to be planning her big day but perhaps feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Couple on wedding day with confetti


That is where Poppy in Pearls comes to the rescue, both in terms of the shop and this blog space. I hope this blog turns into a place you can come to for inspiration, advice and news.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the website. Poppy in Pearls is an online wedding boutique selling British buys for creative brides.

Everything you’ll find on the website is hand made by artisans here in the UK. In studios, ‘Shesheds’, on kitchen tables and in spare rooms. These pieces are lovingly made for you to enjoy, to bring a smile to your mother in laws face, a blush of overwhelm to your bridesmaid, surprise to your groom and of course joy (and perhaps relief) to you, the bride for finally finding THE perfect hair accessory for your Big Day.

Poppy in Pearls was launched because I feel there is a space on the web for a beautifully styled website to offer a bride ‘everything but the dress’. All made here in the UK, all at the touch of a few buttons. Hand made, stunning pieces for your Big Day from your ‘Save the Dates’ to Confetti and Thank you presents and beyond. I want you to be able to pop on in your lunch break and know that in 10 minutes you can have ticked a few things off your wedmin list.

Speaking of which please do join in with my hashtag project #wednesdaywedmin . Post your photo on a Wednesday of what you’ve managed to tick off your wedmin list this week. From booking a venue, choosing a photographer, tasting cakes to finding the dream bikini for your honeymoon. Share your success! Or even ask the #PiPtribe for advice?

I want to build a community of like minded brides here, who are looking for that handmade unique touch to add to their wedding day, who are looking for inspiration, advice and support and I hope you'll join me. 

Sarah x


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